About West Coast RV


Opening Monday
October 14, 2019

New Location
1955 Sampson Ave
Corona, CA 92879

RVMike from West Coast RV

I decided I wanted to rent a motor home to take my children and my parents out camping for four days for a family trip.

Upon looking for a motor home to rent, I came across a co-worker who told me about individuals who rented their motor homes out when they weren't using them. He directed me to such a place and I rented one.

I learned that since they were owned by individuals, they were kept in great shape. While we were camping, I thought about how cool it would be to get an RV, but I knew we would not use it enough to justify the monthly payments and storage fees. This endeavor resurfaced in my thoughts about five years later, I bought my first coach to use as a rental, thinking I could use it when I wanted and rent it out when I wasn't.

Over the course of the next 2 1/2 years, the whole process worked out so well that we turned our supplemental income RV into a full blown rental business. I decided to jump in with both feet and West Coast RV, Inc. was born.

I have several motor homes, toy haulers, travel trailers, rhinos, quads and utility trailers along with other privately owned coaches by friends and acquaintances to rent out to people who are either looking to buy a coach and want to rent before they buy, or just be able to rent one when they want to go camping. We are a family with Christian values who believe "It's your vacation, what can we do for you?"

Mike is a 4 time #1 plate holder in Desert, Enduro and Best of the West Series competion in District 37 off road racing.